NHD Meno-Ease Serum

NHD Meno-Ease Serum

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The NHD Meno-Ease serum is a formulated botanical remedy to ease the symptoms of menopause. We have blended 11 natural phytoestrogens and essential oils to especially provide relief from hot flashes, irritability and paresthasia. Night time application promotes a restful sleep.The formula is 100% organic and natural, with no synthetic fragrance or other additives. The scent is multi-layered and you'd notice Lavender and Neroli. We have used grape seed oil as the base to ensure it's quickly absorbed through the skin.

Application: During the day, apply 4-5 drops on your back, just below your neck. You can repeat as many times as you need throughout the day.  At night, massage both your feet with 10-15 drops of oil, making sure you cover all the area of the soles. It is also useful to put a few drops of oil on a tissue and inhale as and when you need it.


For external use only. If you suspect any allergies to essential oils, do a patch test or email us for advice before purchase. 

Glass bottle with dropper, 30ml.

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